Sony Ericsson W595 Walkman Phone for $298.27
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Sony Ericsson W595 Walkman Phone for $298.27
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Get Sony Ericsson W595 Walkman Phone only for $298.27 at with $7.65 shipping charge. The Sony Ericsson unlocked cell phone comes with a large 2.2-inch display screen that allows you to view, play and share music as well as videos. The Sony Ericsson w595 features TrackID technology that lets you find out and purchase all those familiar songs. You can easily and conveniently make playlists which exactly match your mood with SenseMe technology. It enables you to change your tune and increase the volume with just flick of your wrist by using shake control.


You can use stereo share jack so that the other person can listen from an additional headset. Check out Sony Ericsson walkman w595 review and enjoy playing four different games like Guitar Rock Tour in 3D. With the 3.2MP camera, you can capture each & every unforgettable moments. The Sony Ericsson W595 Walkman Phone enables you to post your photos to your blog or networking page. It comes with Walk Mate application that helps you to keep track of how many steps you have walked every day. You just need to shake or tilt your device in order to control each & every gaming functions. The 15.2 ounces weighted Sony Ericsson unlocked phone has walkman 3.0 media player with album art. Simply shake your device in order to control the music.


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