63% off on The Stronghold Collection PC Game
63% OFF
63% off on The Stronghold Collection PC Game
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63% off on the purchase of Stronghold Collection PC Game from amazon.com.This collection of games was released on 27th October, 2009. The 1 pound weighted Stronghold Collection of games includes following 5 RTS genres games series:

- The Stronghold Game features an original & award-winning castle sim which takes players in the course of a medieval Britain time as they escort some of the strategic forces and economic expansion to defend against the enemies & conquer enemy fortresses.

- The Stronghold 2 game incorporates a King, who has escaped after conquering of his own armies and is now trying to rule his country by hiding in a secret location. He want to make the whole country a disintegrating kingdom. Now, it depends on you to shoot the tides of his plans and unite the whole land!

- In Stronghold Crusader and Stronghold Crusader Extreme, you have to go through a long journey to Arabian lands and direct a strong-minded troupe of Crusaders. Help the historic campaign in 4 different battles by playing the role of Richard the Lionheart and Saladin, the Sultan of Syria. This game includes 20 new missions, larger armies of 10000 troops and new buildings.

- With Stronghold Legends game, you can play as an epic leader all through the history, which even includes King Arthur and forces of Camelot, Dietrich and Siegfried in the German Ice Campaign.

- Includes The ESRB T Teen for complete images of Blood and Violence.

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