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707 Dayton Road, P.O. Box 1040
Ottawa, IL
Phone: 815-433-5222
Zip: 61350

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B&B Electronics Manufacturing Company provides best services for designs and manufactures the data with complete transportation of products made use for commercial and industrial relevance. B&B Electronics sell their commodities all through the world with the inclusion of those primary markets that are established in cities like North America, Europe, Middle East and Africa. The dedicated culture of our company is the presence of supreme loyalty to the customer, acting with complete reliability and honesty, producing the series of outstanding products and their related service, at the highest value.


Our headquarters in Ottawa makes you available with the accommodation of house engineering, manufacturing, servicing and warehousing. For higher marketing, the European headquarters provides you with better service, support on every products. In addition to these manufacturing appliances, B&B is a most value-added distributor for some of the quality dealers. Working with other big companies gives B&B the depth in solving most of the data communications problem and is being a one-stop resource for providing a better huge range of products which connect your industrial world with one grip.


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Items can be Return within 30 days of delivery.
Return shipping is to be paid by Customer.