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C. Crane is the online website where there is a mass selection for electronic products at great superiority of quality. We are in this line of selling the product from around 30 Years. C. Crane is a hometown company for other diversified businesses. Our store is the best for find the very prominent electronic products. Our main aim is to provide the foremost satisfaction for the purchase done on the web. The store is been existing by supplying the society with electronic products and most prominent services that takes the time to pay attention on the customers, and offer them with the enjoy and informative feedback on the of our store like radios, flashlights, garden accessories and everything in addition to electronics.


We appreciate your confidence and assurance in our personnel and in our commodities, and we appear to come frontward in allocating the customers with some of the unsurpassed belongings that we have originated as well as deliberated to improve your existence. We anticipate you to enjoy the browsing of our newly modernized list of products every time. We always look forward to serve you with our best products.


General Return Policy:
Refund of unopened item within 30 days of delivery only.
Return shipping is to be paid by Customer.