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We Toshiba Direct are in harder employment to make the world a better place to live in. So in order to accomplish the aim our company makes environment protection a top most priority. Toshiba Direct hold up its tight grip on the global responsibility taking with more careful steps to reduce the ecological impact of its supplied products and services. Supplying the quality products is a part of our constant effort to support and help to protect natural resources and sustain the strength of planet for future generations.


Every customer visiting our online website store will be able to find the most definite Toshiba Direct global environmental programs as thoughtful and innovative as Toshiba Direct products. We maintain our business on a base of four key features such as product design, regulatory compliance, green procurement and recycling. At Toshiba Direct, social responsibility plays a major role in our corporate culture. The store makes an intensive effort to sponsor, nurture and recompenses all the community all through the way of organization and its innovative programs.


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